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Opening Arguments

Stand back, Libertarian varlets!

You may remember Ed Coleman. He's the Indianapolis City-County Council member who jumped from the Republican Party to the Libertarian Party because he had become "disillusioned by the abuse of power by GOP leaders" and he perceived that both "Republican and Democratic leaders on the council wanted obedient followers." He's still disillusioned and, no doubt, shocked and dismayed as well, because those darn politicians just won't quit with the politics!

Out of the political need for retribution, and to send a message that stepping outside the old


Walter Kovacs
Wed, 03/04/2009 - 12:31pm

I agree somewhat with your statement although your excerpt says nothing about a takeover, just that, as probably expected, politics played itself out. I see the Libertarian response as a political admonition of childish party politics.

The challenge the Libertarians have is they are probably right about most things but are way to cerebral and not very good at marketing. Nor do they seem to have much interest in 'politics' so much as they do 'government' and policy.

Truth be told, they couldn't do any worse than the past few decades of jokers we've allowed to ruin everything. At least when they say something, I usually know they really mean it.