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Opening Arguments

Stand down

The headline on this story said "Portage takes stand on crime," which really made me want to read it. Perhaps here was a city that was going to be brave and be for crime, perhaps as a justifiable way to stimulate the economy. Alas, the "stand" was just the same old, safe, anti-crime posturing:

PORTAGE -- Mayor Olga Velazquez wants to send a message to the community and especially to youngsters about the recent sexual harassment incident on a Portage school bus and the Feb. 9 traffic death of a child.

[. . .]

Underscoring the pledge in her State of the City address that public safety is her first concern, the mayor detailed the city's official responses to the incidents, particularly the one in which a bus driver has been charged for allegedly failing to stop three boys from victimizing teenage girls.

Did you read about that creepy story? These delinquents were absolutely terrorizing girls on the bus, and the bus driver was in full "I see nothing, I hear nothing" Sgt. Schultz mode. He's facing felony charges of neglect of a dependent


Bob G.
Fri, 03/06/2009 - 12:26pm

Seems like "Mr Bus Driver" was acting MORE like an accomplice.