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Opening Arguments

Still a red state

Any bets? My guess is no, but it's a close call:

Woodrow Wilson did it. So did Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.

All three Democrats bucked the trend and won the hearts and minds of the majority of Hoosiers voting in presidential elections.

Buoyed by the massive turnout and new voter registrations brought by last week's presidential primary, Democrats say this could be the year when Indiana overturns long-established voting habits and supports either Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton in November.

Yes, there are a lot of new voters, and this is a "change" year. But according to the exit polls, about a third of those voting in the Democratic primary were independents or Republican crossovers. Obama may be Kennedyesque in the excitement he generates, but I don't think John McCain scares as many people as Barry Goldwater did.