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Opening Arguments

Stingless sting

The end of the world as we know it must be near:

For the first time ever the Dayton Police Department conducted a beer sales sting and didn't sting anybody. On Friday afternoon Investigator Darrell Bell drove a 20-year-old male around to all 15 stores in Dayton where beer can be purchased for off-premises consumption.

Beforehand, Bell took the young man's wallet and made sure he didn't have any other identification. He also gave the young man just enough money to buy a single bottle or can of beer.

The investigator said the young man looked 19 or 20.

Over a two-hour period, Bell drove the young man to each of the stores and positioned himself where he could observe the exchange between the young man and the clerk. In every instance, the clerk asked for identification and refused to sell the beer when no ID was produced.

Oh, wait, one in four teen girls has an STD, and syphillis is on the increase, still. Whew! Had me worried there for a while.


Thu, 03/13/2008 - 11:04am

They should've used the trick the Chicago cops use. Take an obese 20-year-old with a full beard and color his hair gray. Nobody cards him and they bust a whole bunch of bars and liquor stores.

This really happened and it was quite the news story.