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Opening Arguments

Stop improving things!

Sometimes, I understand people who just want to get as far away from civilization as they can:

He built a fence, a retaining wall, a patio and a few concrete columns to decorate his driveway, and now Francisco Linares is going to jail for it.

Linares had been given six months to get final permits for the offending structures or remove them as part of a plea agreement reached in January, when he pleaded no contest to five misdemeanor counts of violating the Rolling Hills Estates building code.

[. . .]

The 51-year-old bought the nearly 1-acre property in the 4600 block of Palos Verdes Drive North in 1998. After tearing down an adobe house on the site and building a 3,000-square-foot French-style home, he began landscaping.

When Linares asked the city to repair the white three-railed fence behind his house, he was told it was on his property and his responsibility. So he replaced the termite-infested planks. Then the city reversed itself and said Linares had illegally built the fence on city property.

In October 2004, the city charged Linares with three misdemeanors: for not taking down the fence, having a retaining wall built higher than a 2-foot restriction and for erecting stone columns without a neighborhood compatibility analysis. Later inspections found eight other violations, including a lack of permits for plumbing and grading.

It's difficult to say sometimes what makes a community, what special combination of common goals and individual pursuits (all guided with a gentle hand) makes us feel a place is special. But it's certainly easy to see why a community isn't there when "the rules" become more important than just leaving someone alone to live his life, especially when what he is doing improves the commonweal.


Bob G.
Wed, 08/29/2007 - 9:33am

Your last paragraph speaks VOLUMES, Leo...