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Opening Arguments

Straynge days

Good luck on that starving-the-stray-cats plan:

If you feed a stray cat in Terre Haute, you may soon be breaking the law.

[. . .]

The local shelter is full, so strays freely roam Terre Haute neighborhoods.

"Have bowel movements on people's property. Pretty much everywhere they go they're tearing up someone else's property," says Manley, who agrees with a proposed ordinance to neuter all strays and only let them be fed by people operating registered colonies,

I mean, what do you think you're dealing with?

FRANKLIN, Ohio — A woman's pet cat has been found alive, buried beneath debris 26 days after an Ohio fire. Sandy LaPierre says she assumed 1-year-old Smoka had died from the Aug. 10 fire in Franklin, about 30 miles north of Cincinnati.

Only cockroaches left when the world ends? I have some money on the cats.

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Bob G.
Fri, 09/11/2009 - 10:16am

Yeah, Leo...I agree.
The cockroaches will only be there for FOOD...!
(or maybe that should be AS food)