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Opening Arguments

A study in waste

I swear we're all in the wrong businesses. The real money is in consulting:

The results of a management study that cost the Philadelphia School District nearly $700,000 have languished unread by top officials for almost a year, The Inquirer has learned.

In fact, it took district officials about a week to even locate a report by the consultants involved after The Inquirer requested the information.

The report was the end product of more than a year's study of the district's management and organizational structure. It had been commissioned by the School Reform Commission.

[. . .]

The study was conducted by Noreen Timoney, a management and organizational consultant, and Evergreen Solutions, a Florida-based consulting firm. Timoney is the wife of former Police Commissioner John F. Timoney. She has done consulting work for the Miami-Dade school district in Florida and smaller districts in New York.

[. . .]

Timoney, in an interview last week, said she had found the district's organization was in disarray.

Good call!


A J Bogle
Wed, 10/03/2007 - 11:33am

Yep, consulting is a great gig - have people pay you money to state the obvious.

How about the 400k that FWCS paid consultants to say - Yep - the schools need maintenance

Bob G.
Wed, 10/03/2007 - 1:39pm

I'd be willing to consult with you at length about this issue Leo....
(hourly rates are very reasonable...and there's free coffee).