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Opening Arguments

A stunning development

They're Tasing everybody in Chicago, Bro:

A new report shows that Chicago police used Tasers to subdue nearly 700 offenders over 12 recent months, a dramatic increase that reflects the department's decision earlier this year to expand its use of the weapons.

In a wide-ranging annual report issued today, the Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates serious accusations of police misconduct, said the increased use of the sometimes-controversial electrical devices has not generated many complaints, however.

The argument for stun guns is that they give police one more non-lethal option in dealing with offenders and suspects. The downside is that, because they are non-lethal, police might be inclined to overuse them and end up stunning too many people in situations where talk would have sufficed..


William Larsen
Tue, 12/07/2010 - 12:20pm

Leo, the FWPD use a different tact. They wait until a person who has asked them a question sits down to watch his daughter and then have a non uniformed off duty police officer who is there to watch his daughter come up behind them, place their arm around their neck, pull up and back in one quick smooth motion, rendering them unconscious.

I am not sure which would be worse taser or chocking? Those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries can suffer dramatic injuries if choked unconscious. On the other hand those who have seizure problems, heart problems, etc. can be injured with tasers.

What the FWPD wants you to know is that they will plead ignorance of one's rights (they are not lawyers, not trained in law and use the defense "what was their knowledge at the time.) Ignorant police officers are the best to have since they are not responsible for their actions.

So now we end up with criminals and ignorant law enforcement for law abiding citizens to have to guard against. It was explained to me that I should have told everyone I was injured in the Navy insinuated that I should have a sign on me saying "handle with care- Fragile."