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Opening Arguments

Stupid law

From what I heard, this really didn't happen all that much, for all the bluster about how serious Democrats were going to be about it:

Voters in some polling sites are being challenged when asking for ballots, based on whether they're switching parties from previous elections.

Secretary of State Todd Rokita says in Indiana's open primary, you can be challenged, but you still have whatever ballot you want. Those who get challenged should be offered a form to sign and then handed the ballot requested.

Which party will get the majority of your votes in the next general election? Gee, don't know, haven't thought it through yet. Which party got the majority of your votes in the last general election. None of your business -- that's why it's a secret ballot. Challenge over!

A law that is unenforceable is not just stupid. It's destructive. Dump it.


Bob G.
Wed, 05/07/2008 - 9:25am

I'll give you that a SECRET ballot should reamin just that...SECRET.

But regarding other instances of "unenforceable" law....you could do something SO radical...SO unheared of, SO logical that it might just catch on...

Make the unenforceable law ENFORCEABLE!
(wish our city would do that with certain ordinances)