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Opening Arguments

In style

If you read anything sillier about the Obama presidency, please let me know so we can keep a record:

Still, Bush and Clinton fit into the expectations of what earlier generations thought a president's wife should look like. Obama has the opportunity to break the mold.

"Most previous first ladies have appeared to believe that displaying an interest in fashion and style undermines the importance of their role. They've subscribed to the old-fashioned view that a woman should de-sexualize herself or dress like a man if she wants to be regarded as intelligent and of good conscience," says Mandi Norwood, the former editor in chief of Shop Etc. who is now writing a style guide directed to Obama for publisher Avon A.

"Mrs. Obama, however, has a much more modern view," Norwood says. "She's demonstrated that it's smart to be stylish; that strong and positive statements can be made through the right choice of outfit."

Heaven forbid that she makes the wrong choice of outfit and makes a weak and negative statement. Wonder what the girls will wear? Maybe Obama should wear a hat and undo what JFK did to the haberdashers. Geez.


tim zank
Thu, 11/20/2008 - 2:45pm

You want silly? Read the article at Salon about Michelle's back side.