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Tailing the Komets

Sunday's game

If you haven't heard yet, Sunday's game has been postponed because of a problem at Missouri's building. It's going to be played April 12.

That's OK, David. Sorry if I went too far. I just get so tired of all the negativity all the time from lots of different people.

Here's an example that really ticked me off. I get to the coliseum last night and barely walked through the door when somebody said the rumor was Jack got in a fight with someone and that's why he retired. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it amazes me how quickly the negative rumor gets around and sold as the truth. Jack simply got tired and wanted to do something else. I talked to him several times over the past few days and he's very happy. You can tell by the way he sounds.

You guys have to remember something, I am not a fan. I care if the Komets win only in that it makes my job easier because the guys are much more fun to talk to. They  probably feel the same way about me. LOL. Win or lose, I still have to do my job. It's also more fun for me when they win because there's much more interest and sometimes it's a much more interesting story.

Here's why my objectivity is important. If I write something, you know to the nth degree that I believe it 100 percent. It's not something someone fed to me or forced me or even wanted me to say. It's what I believe, and it's my best effort to see the bigger picture. You may not always agree, and that's cool, but you know I believe it. I'm not some politician trying to stay on the party message even if I don't believe it.

I just wish you guys would take into consideration the feelings of others when you rant and rave about individuals. The players do read this and so do their families. I hear about stuff like that in the locker room all of the time, and I sympathize with the players and with management both. Some of the stuff that gets written really hurts them because this is their life. They really do want to win, and sometimes the postings make me wonder everybody understands that.

Yes, you can say it's part of the game, but it's minor league hockey, folks, and it is a game. Take a step back sometimes and take a deep breath. There's always another game coming up. You want to get upset about something, how about Team USA's loss today.

As for the Frankes getting ragged on all the time, Monday's story is from Andrew Luciuk talking about how well the players are treated here compared to other UHL cities. He says most of the players here have no idea how good they have it. Most of the things were better than expected. He was thrilled to be coming to Fort Wayne because the reputation is that the players get treated very well. And it wasn't just toeing the company line, either, because he talked for about an hour and a half, and the question was, what's the difference between UHL cities.

As part of that, it has always baffled me that if so many guys supposedly hate Greg Puhalski, how come 13 tried to come back this year?

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Tue, 02/21/2006 - 11:12am

Scoops, and WE'RE HAPPY FOR YA!