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Opening Arguments


So we spend uncountable hundreds of billions to bus American school kids all over creation so we can create a magical "racial balance" that will elevate all achivement scores and create a future of peace and harmony, in the process all but destroying the concept of neighborhood schools, which pushed many at-risk neighborhoods right into the abyss. Naturally, we now have this to make it all better:

There's a special safety effort happening in local school zones Wednesday morning.

Woodland Elementary in Portage is taking part in International Walk To School Day.

Walk To School Day is all about bringing communities together and making them safer places for people to walk and bike, especially when it comes to getting to school.

If some kids gave up the bus and walkd to school one day, it'd take them till noon to get there. And if a once-a-year stunt can really "bring communities together and make them safer," sign me up right now.


Bob G.
Wed, 10/06/2010 - 10:22am

What truly amazes me, is that everyone bends over backwards (and then some) to achieve this "racial balance" in our schools, and then the kids go HOME to their relatively SEGREGATED neighborhoods (by socio-economic CHOICE, I might add)...

What's inherently wrong with that picture?

Shouldn't we be striving more for SCHOLASTIC BALANCE, in that MORE kids should be passing and graduating instead?

If the scale is tipped in THAT direction...everybody wins, right?

I'm just sayin'...