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Opening Arguments


A judge in Indy who heard juvenile cases can now really relate to the youngsters:

Teens are warned every day not to text anything inappropriate, and definitely not while behind the wheel or in the classroom.

But it's a message that escaped a Marion County Juvenile Magistrate.  She was fired for texting violations while hearing cases.

[. . .]

According to a court disciplinary record obtained by 13 Investigates, Magistrate Danielle Gregory engaged in inappropriate conduct, texting a married male employee in the middle of more than one juvenile hearing.

And this just in. Indiana is listed as one of the states that have full or partial bans on texting while driving (ours just covers young drivers -- which means Judge Gregory might have heard a case or two) but also does something else:

But many states are more than happy to tweet you with up-to-the-minute directions on how to steer clear of a traffic jam.

It is a mixed signal that some safety experts and politicians say could be dangerous.

 At least 22 states that ban texting while driving offer some type of service that allows motorists to get information about traffic tie-ups, road conditions or emergencies via Twitter.