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Opening Arguments

Take it inside

This seems downright un-American, or at least anti-Hoosier:

HIGHLAND | It was a divided Town Council on Monday that passed an ordinance to prohibit alcohol from all public areas, including streets and parkways.

Prior to the meeting, Redevelopment Director Cecile Petro said sidewalk cafes are becoming popular and that the new ordinance would prohibit them.

"Outdoor dining is very important to revitalize a downtown area," she said.

When asked if businesses could seek variances from the Board of Zoning Appeals, Clerk-Treasurer Michael Griffin said the ordinance completely bans alcohol in public areas.

Hope this doesn't give Fort Wayne officials any ideas. Without alcohol, the Three Rivers Festival would die in its tracks. And how many people will go to Wizards TinCaps games if they can't enjoy a beer or two? I'm not sure what the point of the ban is. Like the ban on open containers in cars (as if that somehow will keep people from driving while drunk), this seems misplaced. I know you all drink, this law says, but we just don't want to see you do it.