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Opening Arguments

Take th

Indiana University has demonstrated how to beat the rap: Slap your own wrist, then no one else will have to:

The Hoosiers received three years' probation and no further punishments beyond those previously self-imposed and already served or being served.

[. . .]

"I don't want to say it's a reprieve for Indiana, but they're being seen by the NCAA as much less culpable," said Michael McCann, a sports law expert from Vermont Law School. "Maybe this is their reward for being forthcoming, and it's a message to other schools: Be honest and you won't be punished nearly as much. The steps Indiana took appear to be the right ones."

Kelvin Sampson, on the other hand, is essentially banned from the NCAA for five years, for being who he is and doing, therefore, what IU knew he would do and wanted him to do, which was to recruit the best pretend-student players he could find so that the team would win lots of games, the alumni would be happy, and the school would rake in lots of money. But when he got caught crossing the sham lines made by the NCAA to somehow make this sordid endeavor look respectable, he refused to fall on his sword and therefore make the school look bad.

Sad to say, I'm one of the millions who made this farce possible by waching the games and actually caring about who won the damn things.

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Bob G.
Wed, 11/26/2008 - 1:20pm

Happy to say...I was not.