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Opening Arguments

Teach them well

Do children really need this instruction -- have they been stuck in front of the TV and computer and gaming consoles that long?

Bureaucratic crazy councils are to issue school children with instructions of how to play in the playground.
As millions of children go back to school, councils are been given a list of 10 traditional playground games for teachers to suggest they play at breaks and lunchtime.
It is hoped the list, which includes Hopscotch, British Bulldog and Tag, will help combat child obesity and remind teachers and parents the importance of children being physically active.
Maybe a better question is whether adults are actually capable of teaching the games. There is at least a note of common sense in the story:
 "Cllr Les Lawrence from the LGA said: "Playground habits are bound to change with time, but it would be a shame if more active games were to die out to be replaced by children playing on computers or huddled together in front of a screen."
He added that parents and teachers should stop worrying about getting sued and defy the compensation culture by encouraging children play.
"Compensation culture." Apt phrase.
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Bob G.
Wed, 09/03/2008 - 12:06pm

...Just one more way to deprive children of being...well, children.
Make life even MORE difficult for them.
Yeah, that'll teach 'em!