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Opening Arguments

Terror on the lake!

Mitch sent this link, along with a comment: You can't make this stuff up.

When the 2008 charter season begins next month, U.S. citizens paying to fish on Lake Erie will have to bring either a passport or two other IDs if they plan to cross the northern border's invisible watery line.

When they get back to shore in the USA, they'll have to drive to a local government reporting station and pose for pictures. They won't be posing with their fish, but for Customs officers via a videophone connection.

That's because half of Lake Erie — as it happens, the half with the deeper and cooler waters that often spawn the best fishing — is in Canada. The Homeland Security Department intends to enforce new border security rules — largely focused on those coming into the country by land and air — on fishermen re-entering the country.

I don't know what justifies the sarcasm, Mitch. It is a well-known fact that terrorists already in this country have long-established plans to do a little fishing in Canada before they strike.

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