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Opening Arguments

Thanks for everything, see ya

On Monday, my sister lost her cat of many years, Milo, to failing kidneys. She's almost quit crying now. So now I read this story from Muncie:

During this time of the year, college town shelters, like the Muncie Animal Shelter, often see an increase in the number of pets being abandoned.

The animals are abandoned either at the shelter or on the street, said Julie Smith, office manager at the shelter in Muncie, home of Ball State University. And alternatively, the shelter sees a surge in adoptions at the beginning of the year.

"It seems like at the end of the school year, some are moving and cannot take their animals with them," Smith said.

Two kinds of people, and going to college won't turn one kind into the other.

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Bob G
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 8:19am

Makes you wonder about CHILDREN...only one step UP the evolutionary chain from pets to kids (in some venues)...

"Sorry, I can't take my CHILD with me when I leave college this month...guess I have to put him/her in some foster home for the summer."

Funny...we used to call it BEING RESPONSIBLE.

Scary stuff.