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Opening Arguments

Those pushy Christians

Those evil, clever religionists have found a diabolic way around the ACLU's heroic efforts to keep us safe from God's destructive influence:

Joining four other towns in Madison County, Pendleton now has a Ten Commandments monument on display.

The 7-foot long, 4-foot tall monument was unveiled Sunday near the intersection of East Water Street and Indiana 37, near the Falls Park Plaza shopping center, on land donated by Chuck Clevenger.

[. . .]

Along with Anderson, there are also Ten Commandment monuments in Frankton, Elwood and Lapel in Madison County. There is also a monument in downtown Tipton.

This is being done by people who call themselves the Ten Commandments Committee, which means they're organized. Who knows what they will try next now that they have found this gigantic loophole called private property? We can only hope the ACLU will find a new line of attack, such as pointing out that the monuments can be seen from the public roadways, which are funded by tax dollars.


tim zank
Mon, 10/27/2008 - 8:05am

Next logical step is to seize their property.

Pete C
Mon, 10/27/2008 - 9:24am

I think it's a bit redundant to say "pushy Christians." They don't have much choice about that. As the news article quotes, it's either Jesus or the devil. The article doesn't mention anything about the ACLU. But you're probably correct in projecting, considering Pluto's transit of Capricorn, that Christians will continue their work to establish state religion, and the ACLU will be busier than ever.

tim zank
Mon, 10/27/2008 - 10:13am

Yeah, we are a pushy bunch, what with those crazy 10 commandments and such. Those commandments just "scream" intolerance don't they? That "honor thy father & mother" one is particularly outdated, ask Bill Ayers.

Hopefully we'll move forward and adopt a more tolerant stance like that of our self-immolating, throat slitting, women-stoning pals in Islam.

Pete C
Mon, 10/27/2008 - 12:13pm

No, to the best of my understanding Christians have to go with Jesus or eternal damnation, so they don't have a choice there about adopting a loophole code. It's logical they'd work to make sure everybody shares the joy. It's odd, though, that the phrase "lest we forget" is engraved on the monuments. It suggests they are memorials.

Mon, 10/27/2008 - 9:46pm

No Tim, moving forward would mean dumping all the silly spiritual guides and myths, not simply picking up a different set.

tim zank
Tue, 10/28/2008 - 12:28am

Whoops...my bad..