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Opening Arguments

Time warp

The news moves so quickly today it can be hard to keep up:

None of this public vacillating can be good news for the White House. The longer Stevens ponders his departure, the more time opponents of his yet-to-be-named successor have to gear up.

That's from a ponderous and convoluted Newsweek story about Justice John Paul Stevens' public dithering about whether to retire. It's dated April 8 -- yesterday -- and said to be "from the magazine issue dated Apr. 19, 2010 -- that's a week from this coming Monday. But here's the news from today:

Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, the leader of the liberals on the Supreme Court, announced on Friday that he will retire at the end of this term, setting up a confirmation battle over his replacement that could dominate the political scene this summer.

Newsweek = "news of the week," perhaps just not the week you were thinking of. When I was a kid waiting for my copy of Mad or a chance to look at my parents' Reader's Digest, I thought it was fascinating that the magazine cover dates were so far ahead of actual time. Now, it's an indication of how tough it is to stay analog in a digital world.