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Opening Arguments

Today's special at the road kill cafe

Don't take much to get 'em excited in Greene County:

Yes, it was an Armadillo that was recently found as a road kill in the Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area south of Linton.

[;. . .]

The finding fueled plenty of speculation among outdoorsmen that somehow the Armadillo has made its way to the new southern Indiana fish and wild life area.

[. . .]

After doing some checking, it all turned out to a prank.

"It (the Armadillo) was dumped by a local guy from the Sandborn area," Feaster told the Greene County Daily World.

The man apparently brought the animal back dead from a recent trip to the Southwest where he bought a four-wheeler and thought it would be amusing to dump the carcass along the side of the road.

Since the Armadillo was spotted Fesater said he's taken numerous telephone calls from area residents, outdoor writers, and others who had found out about the alleged Armadillo migration.

Did you hear the one about the nuclear sub pen the Navy is building at Salamonie? Did you know the state is going from red to blue? I got a million of 'em!

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