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Opening Arguments

Tough choice

Never, ever thought I would be rooting for Nancy Pelosi:

 A tearful Cindy Sheehan cited her son, killed in Iraq, as her inspiration as she announced her candidacy Thursday for the U.S. House against Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Sheehan last month said she intended to run against Pelosi, the House speaker, if the San Francisco congresswoman didn't move to impeach President Bush by July 23.

Sheehan said Thursday that Pelosi had "protected the status quo" of the corporate elite and had lost touch with people in her district, most of whom, she asserted, want American troops out of Iraq.


tim zank
Sat, 08/11/2007 - 5:12pm

Cindy Cindy Cindy.....your 15 minutes is sooo up.

A J Bogle
Mon, 08/13/2007 - 8:36pm

She is right that Pelosi has lost touch with the people in her district. She has also been a completely spineless "leader" I am glad to see that she is having challengers, although I am not so sure Sheehan is the one to pull it off. we need to get rid of all the DLC'ers in congress since they represent the status quo - and it shouldn't be any surprise that they are referred to as "republican lite".