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Opening Arguments

True love

I admit that sometimes it's a struggle to come up with our weekly poll questions, and some of them might seem a trifle lame. I don't think we'll ever have one this bad, though, from the Adelaide Advertiser and Sunday Mail of Australia:

Is it a good idea to marry a serial killer? Vote in our poll on the lower right of this page

I voted so I could see the current results, which are (based on 1,787 votes):

Yes, love transcends all boundaries: 21 percent
No, his crimes were monstrorus: 59 percent
Who are we to judge?: 19 percent

Only 59 percent thought his crimes being "monstrous" was a good reason not to marry him. Women must be desperate in Australia. I answered "Who are we to judge?" by the way. Live and let loonies live, I say.