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Opening Arguments

Tryst me later

Romance goes awry in southern Indiana:

Events did not go as planned for a Linton man and a woman from Vincennes who agreed to have sex with him in exchange for vodka, cigarettes and $10 cash.

Corey Breneman, 36 of Linton, faces a charge of patronizing a prostitute. And 40-year-old Eydan Brown of Vincennes is charged with prostitution.

The whole story is about as sordid as you might imagine considering the headline: "Tryst results in prostitution charges." Nothing much good ever comes from a tryst, does it? But it's one of those perfectly respectable words that have come on hard times. It just meeans to arrange a meeting -- only in one of its definitions does it say, "esecpially by lovers." Maybe we should try to rehabilitate the word: "City Council members agreed to a Thursday evening tryst for its finance committee." Nah, guess not.