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Opening Arguments

Two from Tim


Regular "Bob & Tom Show" listeners (I confess to being one -- somebody has to offset the editorial page editors who wake up to NPR) will know a Tim Wilson song called "The First Baptist Bar & Grill." Sometines, life imitates art ( or at least reflects comedy):

The Pub Lounge near the I-75 exit in Sidney is your typical neighborhood restaurant/bar.

It has a dance floor, riding bull, big screen TV, pool tables, pizza, beer and a pleasant, everybody-knows-your-name vibe.

Which — according to the Rev. Chris Heckaman — makes it the ideal spot for a new church.

Heckaman is senior pastor of Sidney First United Methodist Church, 230 N. Popular St. While his church-in-a-bar ministry may seem like an irreverent idea, it gives new meaning to the phrase "filled with the spirit."

What the heck. Let's go out with a bang, another Wislon classic, "But I Could be Wrong." It would be nice if hip hop's ass could learn to play more than three chords. (Warning for language, including liberal use of the "F" word.)



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tim zank
Wed, 04/16/2008 - 8:18am