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Opening Arguments

Undocumented Amish

Help, help, the Amish are coming:

People in the Indianapolis area don't see many Amish, but a new study by the Indiana Business Research Center shows Indiana already has a higher concentration than Pennsylvania or any other state.

Pennsylvania and Ohio each have more than 24,000 members of the denomination, and Indiana has 19,000, says the IBRC, which is part of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. But Amish make up 0.32 percent of Indiana's population. That's way more than the 0.22 percent in Ohio and the 0.21 percent in Pennsylvania.

[. . .]

More Amish have been moving to the state as developers bid up land prices in states farther east. Not only is land cheaper here, but the climate is suitable—not too hot, not too cold—for the dairies Amish farmers often operate.

So they want what we have, eh? I always suspected our cheap land and suitable climate would get us in trouble. How much of the money the Amish make here do you think stays here, and how much goes back to extended families in Pennsylvania and Ohio? How long before we reach the tipping poiint at which our dominant culture is infiltrated by this modernity-hating cult? We may never know since they don't make it a point to announce their arrivals.

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Fri, 09/10/2010 - 10:03am

On the other hand, they don't put a load on our school system, since they're exempt from truancy laws.
BTW, you sound like you hate the Amish on a personal level. Are you thinking about making them wear little yellow badges so we can ship them off to internment camps?