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Opening Arguments

An unhealthy tactic

Unless something surprising happens, it looks like U.S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth, who represents the Evansville area, will be the Democratic replacement for Evan Bayh in the U.S. Senate race. He campaigns as a centrist and says Congress taxes and spends "wildly and furiously. We need to watch your dime like we all watch our own dime." But then he says, about health care reform:

"Later, while fielding questions on health care reform, he said improvements are necessary, even if they are only incremental.

[. . .]

“There's a lot of good ideas in those bills,” he said. “They're not perfect, but to stop this piece of legislation dead and start over is not the answer.”

Well, yes it is. A whole bunch of senators and congressmen are going to lose their seats over health care reform, and he's trying to get in on health care reform? If he keeps that up, it almost won't matter whom Republicans choose in their primary.

Here's the Washington Post's database entry on Ellsworth, who votes with the Democratic Party 88.4 percent of the time.