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Opening Arguments

The unmentionable option

David Long is against a casino in Allen County and, furthermore, has not noticed "any major economic development improvements in any of the cities the casinos have been installed." But, on gambling in general:

Long said gaming has become such an integral part of the state's finances that it accounts for slicing the excise tax in half, and citizens would see their taxes balloon without it. According to Long, gaming makes up 1/3 of the state's financing pie, along with the income tax and the sales tax.

“It is not insubstantial,” said Long. “It would cause significant tax increases for the tax if you eliminate gaming. That's not going to happen . . ."

“Like gaming or not, it is here . . ."

Even reliably conservative David Long goes right to the "other taxes would be horrendous without gaming" argument. Heaven forbid there should be any mention of the idea that the state could cut spending.