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Opening Arguments

Victims, unite

You all knew nobody is responsible for anything anymore, so it seems only right that we have a list "Top 10 victims stories of 2005," even though the year isn't over yet. My favorite:

REDHEADS ARE VICTIMIZED BY CRUEL JOKES AND SLURS. New Zealanders with red or ginger hair have organized against hair-color bigotry, founding groups such as the Ginger Revolution and Redheads United.

Posted in: Current Affairs


Steve Towsley
Tue, 11/15/2005 - 8:00am

All I can say from personal experience is, anyone who can slur redheads has never dated a gorgeous redhead. Wow.

I've also coincidentally dated a New Zealander, and can report that if my experience means anything, they seem to be a wonderful people. Personally I think a redheaded New Zealander would be even more fascinating.

Of course, down there, they pronounce it "ridhid."