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Opening Arguments


When he said he was planning to push for major education reform, Gov. Daniels wasn't fooling around -- college scholarships for students who graduate a year early, teacher pay linked to student performance, and the really big one, using state money to help students attend private schools:

Daniels and Bennett didn't mention controversial private-school vouchers until talking with reporters after the Roundtable meeting. Daniels said his agenda will include a bill to allow state money to go to private schools to help low-income students attend. He said he hasn't firmed up details, including what income level would be required to qualify.

Democrats and public-school advocates have opposed vouchers in the past, saying they erode public schools by sending state funds outside the system.

If Daniels can get a voucher system in place, that will dwarf daylight-saving time and the toll road lease for audaciousness.

I like the idea of vouchers, because: They can give poor students some of the same school choices only the rich ones now have, and the competition could force public schools to improve to avoid losing students to private schools. But the evidence on their effectiveness is sort of mixed, so if such a plan is implemented the state should monitor it closely.


Thu, 12/09/2010 - 1:12pm

I might support vouchers if: a) voucher amounts were fixed; b) a school that accepted vouchers was required to accept it as full tuition; and c) public schools were allowed to eject or deny admission to kids on the same basis as voucher schools.

Leo Morris
Fri, 12/10/2010 - 9:20am

Another bump in the road might be the expense of vouchers at a time when others in government are being asked to pinch pennies. Wouldn't parents who already send their kids to private schools at their own expense immediately be eligible for the vouchers?