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Opening Arguments

Waiting for S

We have an out-of-towner at Meijer's today. Well, yeah, Gov. Sarah Palin, too, but I mean this woman:

Debbie Coning of Portage, Mich., hasn't slept a wink. She arrived at the Meijer store at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon to claim the first spot in line. She had driven all the way to Grand Rapids on Wednesday, only to be turned away because she got there too late. So she jumped in her car and drove another three hours to Fort Wayne.

Now that's dedication.

Meanwhile, as Gov. Palin is drawing network TV coverage for her rock-star crowds in Indiana (here and in Noblesville later today), the Republican Governors Association meeting in Austin talked about how that group should be in the forefront of the fight to oppose an overreaching Democratic administration and Congress. But I wouldn't want to bore people with the details of something so boring.


tim zank
Thu, 11/19/2009 - 11:16am

Well Leo, if it's any comfort, she (and people that think like her) are actually the answer to an overreaching Democratic administration. Love her or hate her, at least she can fathom 5th grade math unlike team "hopenchange" that still believes 2+2=1.