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Opening Arguments

Walking distance

Huh. I thought it would have been higher, but maybe because I'm thinking of the immediate area around the Capitol:

A web site that gages the walkability of the top 40 U.S. cities puts Indianapolis near the bottom of the list.

Walkscore.com ranks Indy 37th, just above Charlotte, Nashville and Jacksonville. At the top of the list is San Francisco, New York and Boston.  Walkscore's web site says the cities at the top "have density, mixed use, transit, short blocks...and lots of destinations near each address."

The story quotes one Leroy Munger, who has lived in his neighborhood for 25 years:

"I think it's a fine place to walk in terms of peacefulness . . ." As a map of area shows, most amenities are more than a mile away. "You can walk but there's no business you can walk to conveniently," Munger said.

So, apparently, "walkability" means "inviting to the tourists who want to leave their cars and amble around and spend money." That's one definition, but there are others. My neighborhood near the Bluffton Road bridge is very walkable by my standards -- lots of trees, not too many noisy kids, nice houses with nice yards, Foster Park right next door. But there's no place to buy anything except Wendy's unless you want to cross the bridge or walk a few blocks up Broadway. That's OK with me. Walking is for relaxation or exercise. Cars are for shopping. Rules to live by.

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Bob G.
Wed, 03/18/2009 - 9:23am

Yeah...that happens EVERY day on MY neighborhood...

I can see the tourists lining up to have a walkabout down HERE...ANY day now.

But, if they wanted a "drive-thru" safari-type wild animal park/freakshow...maybe we COULD come to terms.

(I could charge a nominal fee...you know, help the economy and my own personal stimulus package...just don't FEED the inhabitants)
And NO walking on my LAWN!


Michael B-P
Wed, 03/18/2009 - 10:11pm

And molecular tansporters are for trips to the fitness center, whereas sculls are for rowing to work, while streetcars are for desire. Make a note for the mayor: subterranean bike paths for year-round getting around town. Rentals and tube access at the parking garages.