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Opening Arguments

The wanderers

Saw two stories seemingly unconnected but interestingly relatable to each other. First, a story about helping us old fogies who wander off:

A state Senate committee voted Wednesday in favor of establishing a Silver Alert system. Similar to Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts would be issued by police, voluntarily broadcast by TV and radio stations and posted on Web sites when an adult is believed to be in danger.

Then, a story about, well, an old fogy who sort of wandered off:

An 83-year-old South Bend man said he missed his bus home from the presidential inauguration because he was dancing. Mussa Muhammad said his "spirit jumped sky-high" when President Barack Obama took the oath of office Tuesday. He became separated from his group and, he said, "just danced and danced" with a couple of young women he met along the way.

If I forget who I am and start stumbling through cornfields in the dark in the middle of February, calling for those Vietnamese Commie Rats to come out and fight like men, by all means put out a Silver Alert. But if I'm "just dancing and dancing" with a couple of sweet young things at President Palin's Inaugural, just leave me the hell alone.


Bob G.
Fri, 01/23/2009 - 12:04pm

And if I see you dancing in the aisles of that Waynedale Scotts...I'll know you brought your coupons...!