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Opening Arguments

A Wayne County mystery

The Crime Library Web site has a long story on the suspicious deaths of two Centerville (Wayne County) teenagers days apart in their own homes. After the first girl died on Saturday, Sept. 1, police said nothing. Only after her sister died five days later did police list the first death as a homicide and the second as suspicious. Local authorities still aren't talking much, and the mainstream media outlets seem to be taking to their cue from that.

Crime Library, though, has plenty of interesting stuff, including one "lead" gleaned from the comments section of the Richmond Palladium-Item's Web site -- the claim that the second girl to die might have suspected the sister's boyfriend of her death. That's the kind of information newspapers hate to touch unless they have an official saying it on the record. But Web sites and blogs thrive on it.

I suspect this story will be talked about for a while, not just because it's a fascinating crime story but because it illustrates the difficulty of keeping anything secret or private these days.