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Opening Arguments

We don't need no stinkin' rules

Kathleen Parker takes us through the moral ambiguities involved in single parenthood and reaches the correct conclusion that:

When we celebrate single motherhood, as we have since Murphy Brown made out-of-wedlock birth a glam option for busy women, we can hardly pucker in disapproval when the next generation doesn't know any better.

Look around at cultural signposts, from television to movies to magazines, and you see a consistent message that men are nonessential to woman's higher reproductive prerogative.

But she misses the obvious point that these are private, religious schools, not public ones. Presumably those schools make their "morals clauses" or whatever they call them extremely clear to the people they hire; to accept employment with them is to agree to their conditions of employment. But that's another problem we have today, isn't it -- saying we accept the rules then arguing they shouldn't apply to us after all when we break them?

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