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Opening Arguments

We feel your pain

An editorial in the Richmond newspaper takes note of some propaganda:

David Bottorff, executive director of the Association of Indiana Counties, says he does not believe Hoosiers fully understand the very difficult position in which local governments find themselves.

"On average, county budgets are down 13 percent in the last two years and the worst of the shortfalls have yet to hit," Bottorff says in advance of the association's Thursday meeting in Richmond, the first of several across the state.

Good lord, of course we understand, because we know what kind of economic pain we've been going through. What we'll be looking for (and voting for) are candidates who understand that. The editorial gets it right:

If it seeks to position itself as something more than a lobby against proposed tax caps, as more than a shill for its county government clients and their substantial numbers of public employees, then the Association of Indiana Counties should really help county governments identify ways to reduce their spending consistent with revenue reductions, not how to grow the counties' share of that limited local revenue.

[. . .]

Candidates for the fall campaign who come unprepared to do anything but complain about revenue shortfalls need not apply for the job they are seeking. They know the stakes, and the demands, going into this.



john b. kalb
Thu, 05/06/2010 - 8:08pm

Leo - Another Amen!