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Opening Arguments

We finally got ours

The Miss America beauty pageant scholarship competition has seemed on its last legs for years now, so I'm glad it lasted long enough for Indiana to get its turn:

Stam overcame 51 other contestants, a throat infection and laryngitis Saturday night to win the crown. She's the first winner from Indiana in the 88-year pageant.

"My state deserves it," said Stam, whose hometown is Seymour.

Darn right, we deserved it; in fact, we were getting closed to "somebody needs to be sued" territory. I was glad to see Stam demonstrate her commitment to the serious, scholarly, community service part of the ceremony, especially when she was serious and scholarly in that black bikini. And she's against performance-enhancing drugs for athletes!

But, all things considered, I have to say I'm glad she was one of the prettier contestants of recent years:

Stam said she still hopes to pursue another childhood dream — becoming a television news anchor — after her one-year reign as Miss America ends.

I just hate having the news read to me by ugly people. It makes the traumatic events of the day even more depressing.