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Opening Arguments

Weather report

Danger, danger, fair-weather watch! If any actual sunshine is spotted, the watch will be upgraded to a warning:

With the first day of summer just days away and local schools out until August, many Southwest Florida children and their parents will spend plenty of time at beaches and swimming pools during the next few months. Swimming is a great way to beat the heat, get some exercise and have a great time, health officials said, but any body of water can be hazardous if residents are not careful and prepared.

When it comes to people's homes, swimming pools are the one thing that parents should be most concerned about, especially if they have children under age 5, said Diane Holm, the drowning prevention coordinator for the Lee County Health Department and the president of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

Drowning is the No. 1 cause of death for toddlers ages 1 to 4 in Florida, health officials said, and is one of the leading causes of death for children nationwide.

Never mind snopes.com and The Straight Dope. What would we do without newspapers?

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