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Opening Arguments

We're ahead -- so far

First, I saw this story:

A chilly, mostly dry day helped this year's four-day deer cull at the Indiana Dunes State Park get off to a good start, according to property manager Brandt Baughman.

[. . .]

Indiana Dunes is one of 17 state parks selected by Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologists for organized deer reduction hunts to protect sensitive species of plants.

Then I saw this one:

Since 2003, deer-vehicle accidents in Indiana are up 25 percent compared with 15 percent for the rest of the nation, according to State Farm Insurance, which used insurance claims to come up with its statistics. One in 129 Indiana drivers was likely to collide with a deer between July 1, 2007, and June 30 - the 11th-highest rate in the nation, according to State Farm.

They're paying attention, I tell you, and they're mad as hell. They won't quite culling our herd until the score is at least even.

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