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Opening Arguments

What is this, 1968 again?

Boy, if I'd known David Long was going to be a traitor to his sex by giving power to the gals, I wouldn't have been so supportive:

By 2002, the change of the guard in the Indiana Senate had begun when Mills and Wheeler retired, followed by the 2004 primary upset of Senate Finance Chairman Borst, the equally stunning loss of Garton two years later, and Sen. Harrison's retirement. During this period of transition, Sen. Long had steered through a couple of palace coup attempts by Sens. Murray Clark and Luke Kenley aimed at Garton and became Republican majority leader. He maneuvered through the messy issue that doomed Garton and Borst - legislator health care for life - which included a couple of winter 2006 press conferences that almost defied logic.

    With Garton's defeat in May 2006, Long met with potential rivals like State Sen. Tom Weatherwax, and conversed with other caucus members. It was an October meeting with the six female members - Sens. Teresa Lubbers, Sue Landske, Beverly Gard, Connie Lawson, Vaneta Becker and Patricia Miller - and their subsequent bloc endorsement several days later that delivered Long to the Pro Tem. It is no coincidence that the Old Man Old Guard has given way to Long, Assistant Pro Tempore Landske, Majority Floor Leader Lawson and Assistant Majority Floor Leader Lubbers. Add Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman presiding over the Senate, and never in the state's history has there been such a conspicuous display of female power in a place where it can matter the most.

Doesn't he know a woman's place is in the House?


Mitch Harper
Fri, 03/16/2007 - 5:12am

One might kiddingly say that David is compensating for his years spent at Wabash College.