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Opening Arguments

What I mean to say is . . .

You're probably so far out of the mainstream that you don't have the intrinsic aptitude to appreciate this post. But, trust me, you'll have a thought shower in a day or two, allowing me deferred success.


Steve Towsley
Mon, 11/21/2005 - 8:29am

It's heartening to see that "out of the mainstream" has been identified publicly as a phrase used to mischaracterize the views of one's political opponents. The liberals use this one routinely right now to describe views which are actually held by America's grass roots.

It's one thing if they're posturing when they claim that any view to the right of the left is out of the mainstream, but if they really believe it's so, that explains why they're gun shy about writing a new platform (aka a "plan"). You can't make any vehicle fly when you locate its center of mass on the left wingtip.