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Tailing the Komets

What's up with this?

Over their last five games, the Komets have been out-scored 10-3 in the first period. For a team that struggles so much to come from behind, that's deadly.

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Wed, 03/22/2006 - 10:58pm

Geez Phil. Don't get your feathers ruffled!! I love St. Piere. Not in that way. Like in a man crush sorta way. However, he is not the best goalie we have ever had. He is a great goalie though. Going back as far as I remember I gotta give the knod to Lawson. I'm sure the other guys were all great too, I just didn't get to see them. (Other than Pokey and I think people may have some stars in their eyes on him). Our defense is probably as much to blame as Kevin as of late. Hit, you know I got your back man, but you gotta turn the page on Enema man. While we are on the goalie topic, I have a video of the save St. Piere made earlier this year that was absolutley incredible. If anybody wants it shoot me an e-mail. There is not much room for error at this point. Hopefully, we can regain our momentum and carry it into the playoffs. Blake, not to stir up a mess, but do you have any idea on Bawa's lawsuit v. the Komets on backpay??

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 3:36am

There was another goalie that we got from Winnepag besides Essensa By the name of Stephane Beauregard I think who was a pretty darn good goalie. And I think we're all worried that St. Pierre has been overworked this year and may be a lil worn down. He may need a couple games off to kinda recharge the batteries and take the edge off the bumps and bruises. I think it was scoops who pointed this out a lil while back and may be 100% correct... WE all know that the K's go nowhere without Kevin on his game.

And since you watched the game David, was the effort there in the 2nd and 3rd period? Did they play well again and just lack the offense or what???

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 5:17am

The 2nd and 3rd periods were better but the same thing is still hurting this team is to many perimeter shots with no body willing to get dirty and put themselves in front of the net. Our scorers are not scoring enough period. I like Chaulk and think he is a great player, but he is always on the perimeter he never is around the net, and even PC these two have got to start going to the net. Yes we may get 50 shots a game but 35 are from the perimeter.

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 7:11am

Don't get me wrong here folks...St. Piere is a great goalie. I can't rank him as the all-time best...yet. Here's my reasoning: Does he have a championship ring on his finger yet with us??? Nope. Sure he might be able to steal a series all by himself (Rockford series last year)...but when we needed him the most he couldn't come through in the clutch (ie. vs. Muskegon in the playoffs the past two years). That's what seperates the men from the boys. And yes, I know that he was out for Games 2 and 3 last year and Game 4 the year before due to injury...but when he has been in there, he's been kind of shaky. And again, I'm not bashing Frenchy...he's great, he's had great regular seasons, but the REAL season is when the playoffs start. All of that coupled with how he's been playing lately has me worried that even if we do make the playoffs, it's gonna be an early summer. I hope that I am wrong. That's not saying that the rest of the team has been performing flawlessly, they've actually been far from it. The rate that the team has been scoring goals lately has been horrid, so Frenchy needs to step it up because we are not going to be scoring a bunch of goals night in and night out and keeping up with the Kalamazoos, Muskegons, and Rockfords. And I know that all of you are going to jump on me about this one....but I'll say it anyways. Maybe the K's (if they wanted to send a real message to the rest of the team and maybe get them to wake up a bit) should have traded St. Piere to Danbury for Sylvain Daigle. Love him or hate him, no matter how you slice it, Daigle is a money goaltender and he has the past two cup rings to prove it to go along with all of his stats. And Daigle is a big reason why Muskegon beat us the last two years. If you can't beat him...get him to join ya. So, go ahead let me have it.

Komet Fan
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 7:49am

Here is my ranking of the best goaltenders the Komets have had since 1990:

1. Bob Essensa - Hands down, the best the Komets have had. NHL quality goalie as he spent several years in the NHL after he left here.

2. Stephane Beauregard - Another NHL goalie who was spectacular at times.

3. Bruce Racine - Awesome goalie at the IHL level. He carried the teams he played on in Fort Wayne.

4. Kevin Weekes - Very acrobatic goalie. Now in the NHL. Injury problems have hurt him.

5. Kevin St. Pierre - In the UHL era, he is the best the Komets have had. This guy is a workhorse and is a AHL quality #1 guy. Too bad, his defensive corps are not where they need to be...

6. Tom Lawson - He is neck and neck with Frenchy. His mobility is even worse than Frenchy's though and he definitely had a more solid defensive corps to work with.

7. Doug Teskey - He had the tendency to be spectacular at times, but horrible at times as well. Inconsistency hurt him big time.

8. Pokey Reddick - Yes, this is low, but have to take the total picture with him. For 12 games in 1992, BY FAR the best goalie in this Komets era. Otherwise, nothing spectacular in my opinion.

Good ahead and bash away folks....

Tony E
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 8:01am

Not a bad list. Thankfully nobody has resurected the ghosts of Mike "the puck rolled up my arm over the shoulder and into the net" Torchia or Peter "AHA I stole some of Peter Ings last name" Sidorkiewicz

Komet Fan
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 8:38am

I guess I would be remiss if I didn't list some of the worst goalies in the Komets era:

1. Mike Torchia - This guy was AWFUL. He was part of one of the worst Komets teams in recent memory 1996-1997. Just a bad team that had zero chemistry with a goalie that was ill-prpepared on most nights. Stories that could be told about Torchia.... Not here folks.

2. Brian Gratz - Another ill-fated attempt by the Frankes at gaining some positive publicity about a local boy making the team. Keeping Gratz was a BIG reason the Komets got off to such a slow start this year.

3. Peter Sidorkiewicz - Very negative guy behind the scenes. Overrated goalie that did not live up to potential here.

There are other goalies that deserve to be on this list, but they must be very forgettable as I darn sure can't think of names right now. I am sure some other people will add to this list. Most definitely, Mike "Getting Lit Up Like A Torch" Torchia is #1 in my book!!!!

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 9:05am

I can add to the "worst goalie" category! SIMCHUK!!!!!

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 10:34am

Doug Teskey was very good goalie, the only time he played bad was when he had the broken hand or finger and came back to quick, he change after that, trying to block everything instead of catching. If he would of had any help in front of him, he could have been our best ever.

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 10:38am

Don't forget John Blue, who played everywhere but in the net. I think Bawa's lawsuit was dropped. He lives in Vancouver now and he and his wife have a one-year-old son.

Komet Fan
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 10:43am

Simchuk definitely has to go on the worst goalie list. Blake, you are right, Blue deserves the worst list as well. I think he actually spent more time outside of the crease, then in the crease..... Of course, the puck didn't seem to have much trouble finding the back of the net when he was in the pipes either.... LOL

Komet fan
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 10:45am

Blake, has the post concussion symptoms that Bawa has had subsided at all? I know he was struggling for a long time with that. Very sad way for him to end his career like that as he was one of the best at camping infront of the net and causing havoc for the other team and their goalie. Boy, I miss those days.....

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 11:05am

I heard Teskey was getting pregame Cortisone shots? Any truth in that?

Tony E
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 1:26pm

Can anyone say that JOE FRANKE might not have been the most valuable goalie we have had in years. That entire season took off after his heroics.
Worst goalies?
How about Aaron Mcdonald and Gregg Naumenko whose horrible attitude made his play even more sickening. This guy is still playing and has been on SIX TEAMS this year!

Tony E
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 1:28pm

I wanted to ask, what was wrong with Konstantin Simchuk? He was 14-5 as a Komet.

Jungle Monkey
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 2:13pm

Stink-O Neumenko!!!! That guy sucked!

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 3:47pm

Robin is doing much better. I owe him a call.
Doug was receiving shots to his knee, but I'm not sure they were ``pregame.'' In fact I went with him once to the Dr.'s office where he got them. Not a fun thing to watch.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 3:57pm

Are the Komets glued to the waiver wire at this point? Couple of decent guys have been released by K-zoo and someone else, maybe Danbury? Can't remember. I think they have to take what they can now, don't they? Injuries are killing this team now. It is a real shame. They barely had just enough guys to pulloff a playoff run, now they are dropping like flies. Hope the Frankes are religious people and have a miracle up their sleeves.

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 4:16pm

When the Komets signed Peter Ing, there was confusion: They thought they were getting Peter "Save" Ing. Actually, they got his cousin, Peter "Score" Ing.

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 4:17pm

If not the best goalie ever for the K's, certainly in thr top 3:

Mr. Don Cutts

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 4:19pm

Best goalie ever: Don Atchison in is rookie year.

Worst goalie ever: Don Atchison in his second year.

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 5:32pm

Mike Dombkiewicz from k-zoo was put on waivers, d-man 6' 220lbs 8 goals 16 asst. 81 pim. not a rookie nor a vet. Kris Koski a winger is on waivers from the Frostbite 6'3" 219 lbs. 0 goals but a big body maybe one of these boys could help for now.

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 7:11pm

pick up dobkiewicz and see what he can do. is capable of putting up some points and and doesnt seem to go overboard on the pim's and would come in pretty cheap and might have something to prove to kzoo!

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 8:05pm

Picking Dobkiewicz would make sense to me and most everyone here, but he must first pass through all the teams below us before we get a chance at claiming him. Logic says yes claim him, but since when has logic been apart of the K's decision making process this year? Ok now fire away for that comment

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 8:41pm

Hey Smitty that would be great if we could pick up dobkiewicz, but we all know the komets would rather sign a four foot nothing nobody that maybe scored 10 points in collage than sign someone that could stand in front of the net, be physical and play hockey. But thats just my prospective.

I would have to go with Bruce Racine as the best Komets goaltender.

Tony E
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 10:25pm

In the "what might have been" segment of todays posts, awhile back I remembered we had Robin Bouchard back in the old IHL for a couple of games. We also had Hugo Belanger for 6 games too. As Blake pointed out, different league, different times. But can you imagine what having those two on the same team at the same time would do in this league?

Thu, 03/23/2006 - 11:40pm

yeh, but back in those days those guys couldnt keeo up with the ihl players. remember how kelly corpse sucked here in the i but was a great player in the uhl!

Fri, 03/24/2006 - 3:41am

I agree I think someone else will pick him up cause you cant pass up on decent size and ability in this league... On the other hand isnt this domkieweiz's second or third team this year?? Maybe he's one of those "cancer's" we as fans hear about all the time....

Fri, 03/24/2006 - 6:05am

What's the deal??? Nobody disagrees with me regarding my St. Piere trade comment earlier?? Or do all of you just agree with me? I'm shocked and kind of disappointed. I figured that would have sparked something.

Fri, 03/24/2006 - 7:48am

Mike Dombkiewicz was picked up by the Ft. Wayne Komets.