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Opening Arguments

Whole hog

Government is teasing us with piecemeal bailouts. We can get out of our mortgage difficulties, trade in that old clunker for a cash bonus, perhaps soon get health "insurance" for pre-existing conditions. Why not go all out and just give us Whole Life Bailouts? Oops, looks like somebody else already thought of that:

Young adults, hit disproportionately hard in the current recession, are asking Congress for targeted aid to help them recover.

[. . .]

This dreary picture has led advocacy groups for young people to form a coalition called 80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs. It's pushing a legislative agenda devoted to young Americans, partly on the argument that, without help, the group will be a continuing drag on the economy.

Topping the list of their requests: extending dependent status in health-insurance programs to the age of 26; and increased aid for educational expenses, such as college-loan forgiveness for medical professionals working in rural areas.

"We're not looking for special handouts or special treatment," said Mathew Segal, one of the group's co-chairs.

They want to stay on Mom and Dad's insurance until the mid 20s and have lots more financial aid with college, but for goodness sake they don't want anything special. We've taught them better than that, havent't we?