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Opening Arguments

The whole story

Rumsfeld didn't actually come out and say that press coverage of Iraq sucks, but that's really the only way to describe such inexcusable irresponsibility:

Most of the reporters I met in Iraq don't have any friends at all who were in the military. They don't have any Uncle Louie who served. They have no contact with the military whatever. They have very little knowledge of who military people are or what military responsibilities are, and that often leads them to unreasonable expectations and bad reporting.


Posted in: Current Affairs


LP Mike Sylvester
Tue, 12/06/2005 - 7:46pm

The press has done a lousy job of reporting many things in the last few years.

I think the worst thing about the press is how they are ignoring the HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars the government is wasting.

I can tell you this, my children, my grand children (IF I ever have any) and I will be paying for all of this wasteful spending...