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Opening Arguments

Will work for fun

Research dollars hard at work provide this week's "well, duh" moment:

We didn't know anything about the "science" of play. We just loved it -- and our parents no doubt did too. So, why did we play? Why not?

Fast forward, and play is now very much a science. "Why Do We Play" was this week's New York Times Magazine cover story. Writer Robin Marantz Henig suggests that with all the research that has been done on why we play, the importance of play, and what may be the loss of play in our children's lives as structured activities encroach on free time, the answers may still not be much clearer than: We play because it's fun.

That's when we're kids, of course. When we become adults, we sometimes get so desperate for fun that we actually turn it into hard work.

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Bob G.
Fri, 02/22/2008 - 2:43pm

This reminds me of those days when our green army men took over Mom's living room rug, storming that "island" to promote liberty and freedom (like we understood what that even meant).

We used to play with cap guns...now we protect ourselves with REAL ones.
We used to build treehouses; bastions against the evils of the world (and no girls allowed)...
Now we create gardens, tinker with our cars (the older ones anyway), redo our basements, bathrooms, and other living spaces.

We must have traded "up".

What was "fun" has now become "relaxation".
What was "play" has now become our "hobby".

We don't play with those soldiers...we COLLECT them.
We didn't outgrow all the CHILD-LIKE qualties...we just outgrew the CHILDISHNESS.

Yeah...we definitely traded UP.