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Opening Arguments

Willing and able

Some brave Hoosiers volunteers are being sought to expand the boundaries of knowledge and bring a solution to some longtime sufferers:

The search is on for the "female Viagra," and it's happening right here in Indianapolis.

The Physicians Research Group is looking for 30 women with low libido to participate in a 24-week study of a pill designed to spark sexual desire.

[. . .]

. . . the group is looking for women 18 and older whose low libido can't be explained by relationship problems, depression, medication or other medical conditions.

Even so, this medical condition -- known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD -- is more common than one might think. It's the most commonly diagnosed female sexual dysfunction.

HSDD affects about 20 percent of women in the U.S., says HSDD Online (www.hsddonline.com).

This sounds like a tricky task. Viagra has a fairly easy job -- help those who are willing but not able. Able but not willing, much tougher.

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