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Opening Arguments

Word play

Two really stupid language mistakes in two separate Associated Press dispatches in the same day. First, from Elkhart:

Ten men in northern Indiana are facing misdemeanor charges of patronizing a prostitute following a two-day sting by Elkhart police.

Police tell The Elkhart Truth (http://bit.ly/zS5p4i ) the arrests were made Friday and Saturday after the men approached a female officer posing as a decoy.

She was a decoy. She was posing as a prostitute. She was not "posing as a decoy."

And from Indianapolis:

 Indiana's House of Representatives are set to decide whether voters should make the call on contentious right-to-work legislation.

House is. Representatives are. "House of Representatives" = full title of organization, therefore is. Eyes on the ball, OK?


Harl Delos
Wed, 01/18/2012 - 4:49am

The one that bothers me is "alleged" errors.

Nobody is ever charged with allegedly robbing a bank. There's no law against allegedly doing anything. The charge itself is an allegation. Thus you are charged with robbing a bank because you allegedly robbed the bank.