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Opening Arguments

Words and deeds

I know how some of you have been criticizing me. As an editorial writer and blogger, I merely deal in rhetoric. All I do is insult people and ideas -- just words. To do any real damage, I would need to be an elected official or robber-baron businessman with real power. Those who really want to create havoc in the world need to support those who can act, not just those who can spout angry words.

But I ask you. "Your mother wears combat boots." Just words? "It looks like your face caught on fire and somebody tried to put it out with a fork." Just words? "We know what you are -- now we're just negotiating the price." Just words? "Philadelphia -- spent four weeks there one night." Just words? "Calvin Coolidge has died. How can you tell?" Just words?

Great deeds begin with great words. Those who inspire deserve as much credit as those who are inspired.


Bob G.
Mon, 02/25/2008 - 11:54am

Leo, you know I won't criticize you...even though I might disagree with you once in a great while.

I would take your last thought just one small step "beyond"...

Great deeds begin with great ideas that inspire the great words to make those deeds a reality.

It's still inspiring...any way you shake it.
Just words?