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Opening Arguments

The world is too much with us

I suppose this might be interesting to somebody. Does anybody actually even read TV Guide anymore? It was a wonderful publication when there were only three networks and people set their weekly schedules to make sure not to miss their favorite programs. But now there are hundreds of channels . . . just turn on the tube anytime, and you'll find something interesting. And if there's something you just have to see, Tivo the thing. I can't remember the last time I checked on a print TV guide, even the one in our newspaper. I just use the onscreen guide.

Ipod And now you'll be able to carry your TV shows in your pocket, along with your entire music collection, your connection to the Internet, your video games. Oh, and this just in: Since young men aren't going to the movies much anymore, better buy those DVDs when they come out and carry them around, too.

It's getting harder and harder to get away from it all. We can take everything with us everywhere.

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