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Opening Arguments

Yes, it's really that bad

Here it is, the proof we've been waiting for of a further economic downturn, from a "courtesan" in Las Vegas:

It seemed like the beginning of this year was looking up. I was doing better than the previous start of last year, and people seemed happier with their quality of life and earnings. Customers seemed more like they were before the recession really hit, and it made me less stressed and enjoy my job even more. However, this summer seems to have taken a complete nosedive.

This makes me more concerned about the overall state of the economy, especially with the rumors and fears of a “double dip” recession. The trend that I saw in my own earnings the past few months seems to coincide with the stock market woes.

Aren't our vices supposed to be recession-proof? But Indiana casinos report their business is really down -- instead of of trying to escape the downturn with impossible-odds gambling, more people seem to be holding on to their money or actually using it in smarter ways. And now this. If we start slowing down on booze and smokes, too, they'll have to find something to tax instead of our sins. Alas, I have faith in them.

Lovely word, "courtesan." Makes the whole enterprise seem downright lovely instead of seamy and sordid.